Product description

This new sports equipment can be used for 10m or 30m.
The distance change is achieved with a replacement of the bow.
The bow is built combining string and slide together as a compact unit.

Compact unit 30m 4 split limbs parallel
Compact unit 10m 2 split limbs parallel

Elements can been built into the bow which reduce vibrations to a minimum after shooting. This leads to a finer shooting technique and reduces vibrations whilst extending the bow.

The carriage is made entirely from high quality, wear-free plastic. The slide is made of specially hardened steel.
The arrows glide track are made of aluminum, with a high quality, hardened polished sliding surface with a top quality surface finish.
The new string material reduces vibrations and has a high tensile strength, even at low extensions.

The shaft is made of aluminum, which can be supplied in any color, on request. For individual settings the equipment can be balanced on the left and right sides using a weight installed in the shaft. that can be distributed according to the individuals technique.

The trigger unit is electronic and was developed by Markus Wüest.
A release magnet is built into the trigger-block to ensure that the shot-bow does not fire even when handled robustly.

The sight set is standard commercial design and is available to customer requirements. A spirit level lighting can be easily plugged and secured with two simple screws.

Handles are available in various designs.
Typ KS Tube , Typ KS Basic, Typ KS Ergo oder Typ HZ Lux.
Handles made of various types of plastic and wood compliment the range.

The butt plate has been deliberately developed to be used for 2 disciplines.
For 10m, and then with a simple removal of the cap and assembly of a bow, also for 30m, both disciplines can be covered with the same piece of equipment. Special attention has been paid to ensure optimal adjustability in all directions, according to the regulations of IAU and EASV.
A completely new invention for the cross-bow sport.
The plastic cheek rest can be adjusted for height, both lateral and longitudinally.
By changing sights and cheek-rest, the bow can be used for right-and left-handed shooters. No additional costs.
The arrows are commercially available. All standard types can be used, which are approved by the EASV, 10m as well as 30m types.

Summary of Technical Data.

For further information see technical 10m / 30m technical data.