All standard diopter sights can be used.

We recommend and have good experience with the Centra diopter Pro 57 start-line.

Absolutely new to MEC and centra is the start-line series.
Start-Line - a range of products, which are characterized by professional function, usual high quality, compelling design and a sensational price-performance ratio.

Rear Sight "Pro 57 start-line"
Machined from a solid precision diopter
Housing made of high strength aluminum
-Built-in lens hood
-Fits all standard weapons match
-20 click
-1Click-equivalent to 0.2 mm at 10 m / approx 0.8mm at 30m
-Delivery is made without sight disc, iris are available on request


The front sight is swiveled to the side to bring the water level in a perfect horizontal position. The central screw is a very simple thing. Virtually no difference in the side after the correction.
In the front sight with M18 thread, all commercially available plastic ring beads with a matching set screw can be used.
Of course, also fit the variable iris ring beads in the M18 front sight iris aperture


The handle is something very individual! Every shooter has a different hand geometry, thereby holding another feel.
The handle is injection molded from a 2 Eco-component foam and reworked afterwards manually. It offers very good grip and an anatomical shape. Especially in cold weather, it reflects heat and prevents cold hands be the trigger finger. The desired sensitivity of the pressure remains constant high point which is especially important in cold weather.
Even in summer, warm temperatures the grip ensures a comfortable grip, and accompanied the shooter through the whole competition.
The handle tube gives the shooter a highly flexible stops feeling.
Is the handle diameter (D 40mm, 50mm, 63mm) but the size of the hand to be adjusted and the plastic material (PE) is selected. The design is simple but very effective. No restriction in the hand position by the tubular shape.
Something must have tried it all shooters.

Both handles are pivotally and laterally adjustable in the longitudinal axis.

At other ideas being worked on.