30m Exchange Bow-Block

The four-part bow is built into a specially prepared block. The four compound limbs can be replaced quickly and reliably with the new bow-change-block. For the 10m and 30m distances different bows should be used.
These limbs are characterized by a very soft shooting feeling and low-vibrations during firing. The best that sports equipment can offer.
The limbs are pre-bent and therefore require less pulling force. When shooting using this special firing-limbs geometry the optimized speed and incredible stability bring immediately noticeable results.

Electronic Trigger Type Safety-Trigger10

The electronic trigger was developed by Markus Wüest.
The result exceeds all possible expectations!
The following settings are possible :

 One-off "Safety function"
• Weight adjustment of the preferred-weight to the pressure point
• Trigger-point
• Take-up
The trigger blade from Walther ensures an absolute uniform pull weight for the trigger thanks to use of a constant finger position. No more tearing thanks to the novel design. A precise and rapid firing and a reduction in the finger pull-off force brings a whole new feel to the shooting process.

The manual can be found under downloads : PDF "Trigger10" stored for viewing and downloading.

Made by :   Markus Wüest, Burgwiesenstrasse 17, 8335 Hittnau, m.wueest@cablenetswiss.ch This EMial address ,
Phone +41 (0)44 950 43 64


Individual weight balancing is possible with a weight distribution. The weights are each about 280 gr. each and are positioned left and right in the shaft-wells, continuous sliding weight adjustment allows perfect balancing.
Easy and quick to use with the central locking screw.
The weights are only approved for the 30m distance.

Combination Butt Plate 30m and 10m

An absolutely new invention in crossbow sport.

The development of the butt plate was done specifically to ensure dual application. For both the 10m and 30m shooting it only requires adjustment of the butt plate, by removal of the bracket, to allow shooting for both 10m for 30m distances.
Great attention was paid to achieving absolute optimum adjustability in all directions, as according to the regulations of IAU and EASV.

Particularly for 10m shooting, the regulations are not identical.

The shooter himself is responsible for the settings of his equipment and must conform to the relevant association’s regulations.

http://www.easv.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/Reglemente/Schiess_und_Festreglement.pdf Seite 21-24

http://www.easv.ch/em-2011/pdf_dateien/IAU_Rules_Match.pdf Regel 204 / Seite 6-8

The Revolutionary Arrow Slide

The arrow slide is a completely new invention.

The carriage slides using a modern state-of-the art plastic with a very low friction coefficient
and accelerates over the ultra smooth plastic surface particularly well.
The arrow rests are made of hardened aluminum which has particularly good friction characteristics. The arrow slides on the rails are specially treated resulting in an optimized muzzle velocity.
This new arrow slide was tested particularly hard and long and shows no signs of wear to date.
A completely new shooting sensation in combination with the new arrow slide.


The cheek piece were designed to be particularly versatile and adjustable.
Step-less continuous adjustability with a central screw. Lateral adjustment to the left – to the right angled and parallel allows individual customizing. Forward - backwards adjustment is also possible. The cheek piece can be attached to the shaft on both sides for extreme head positions or left-hand shooters.
Special choice of material to ensure a comfortable feeling on the cheek.
For cleaning we recommend medical alcohol with a kitchen paper towel.

Bow-String Material

For the bow-string material particular attention was taken to achieve a high tensile strength with a small extension. The new material has very low vibrations.

The bow-string material is available in different colors and thus set a pleasant aesthetic touch.

Water-Level Lighting

The technology developed by Centra Lib for water-level lighting is easily attached to the water-level and fixed with two screws.

A small compact case housing contains a miniature on-off switch with a on-off exchangeable battery, two bulbs and potentiometer to adjust the light intensity depending on the weather or indoor lighting.
No wires, no battery housings, simple and visually very beautiful.